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Park Cities Montessori believes in uniforms for our students in order to:

  • Provide durable, washable outfits that are made for “getting messy” at school

  • Easily identify students in attendance at PCM for safety and security

  • Promote understanding of order and process when it comes to getting ready for school each day

PCM Uniforms.JPG

Uniform Requirements

Uniforms are only required for the Toddler and Children's House communities. 

Each child will get a screen-printed t-shirt and monogramed polo in their choice of color to start the school year. Additional screen-printed and monogram shirts can be purchased separately. Alternatively, plain polos from outside the school can be purchased and worn as well. 

Each day children are required to wear one of the following tops:

  • PCM screen-printed shirt

  • PCM monogramed polo

  • Plain forest green polo

  • Plain white polo

  • Plain light yellow polo

*Polos pictured are from Children's Place.

Each day children are required to wear one the following bottoms: 

  • any color shorts or pants of choice

  • girls may wear skirts as long as they have shorts under them

Children need to be able to attempt to put their bottoms back on independently. Please refrain from bottoms with snaps and clasps if this is something the child is not yet ready for. 

Shoes: Children need to wear close-toed shoes daily. Shoes need to be slip on or Velcro for children that do not yet know how to tie. We teach children how to put on and take off their own shoes from a very young age. 

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